Meal Planning


The following blueprint has helped many clients find clarity in a world of confusing diet plans and conflicting advice.

Most people know eating healthy food is a good idea. The question is where do we start?

We help you make small changes that turn into habits by practicing the basic guidelines and sharing meal suggestions and recipes.

Of course, the real challenge comes when we find ourselves overtired, overworked and overwhelmed. You know, when we're in our lives.

As a member of the GrooveAnywhere community, we share steps on how to take care of ourselves through the ups and downs.

As a member, you will have all the support you need to:

  • Learn how many meals work for you
  • Structure your meals to keep on the muscle and keep away hunger and fat
  • Sample a variety of full-day menu suggestions that include 4, 5, or 6 meals in a day
  • Interact with expert bloggers and fellow members
  • Try creative and easy recipes, whether you have time to cook or are running out the door
  • Learn how to work through daily tough spots without over-indulging

Remember: Real change does not happen overnight. One small change at a time!