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About Arial

Hi! My name is Arial and I'm here to share my experience, struggles, expertise, and hope that allow me to give you crazy effective workouts that don’t make you crazy.

I grew up in a home of women where body size and food choices were rotating sources of happiness and despair. My mother talked about fitting into a size 10 as if it would solve all our financial and emotional struggles. When my body started changing at age 9, I was exceedingly aware that my plump belly and jiggly thighs did not match those of the cute girls on the playground. I see now that my body wasn’t really the issue. It was the sudden awareness of what I and everyone around me looked like. This preoccupation would continue to distract me for years to come.

By age 12, I was well into dieting and encouraged by well-meaning teachers and family members who told me how good I looked after dropping a few pounds. I was so proud until the weight inevitably came back on. The weight loss rollercoaster impacted me physically (my periods were never regular) and worse, damaged me emotionally. My self-worth was in direct proportion to the number on the scale and size of my clothes.

After 10 years I had had enough of weigh-ins and quick fix gimmicks.  I turned my attention to exercise instead. I read magazines, attended a variety of fitness classes, and became a student in the weight room, despite often being the only girl there. I not only had a new way to drop the weight; I had found an outlet for my racing mind and overwhelming fears. I was hooked and loved the rush.

To the outside world I was healthy and fit, but secretly I would use food to deal with my feelings and exercise to hide the consequences.

I had taken a good thing too far. I realized that my exercise routine and food choices became the only thing people knew about me. Frankly, it was the only thing I knew about myself.

It wasn’t until I recognized how I used exercise and food to manage my emotions that I realized how nothing in my life felt manageable. Some people would say that being healthy requires discipline and willpower. I respectfully and wholeheartedly disagree. I had a ton of discipline in making sure certain foods never went in my mouth and my will was certainly trying to run the show. What actually helped me shift to a life of health and well being was surrender. Surrender to the process.

What’s my process? It’s planning simple, effective workouts and having meals that have a beginning and an end. I let go of worrying about the results and I put all of my attention and focus on my day. That to me is Freedom.

I no longer punish or cleanse my body. I don't try to whip myself into shape. At times those old voices reemerge to point out my flaws. Thank God I know to step back from those voices and keep doing what I know works best for me. Today I eat healthy meals, write down my feelings, and exercise in a way that challenges my body but does not upset my well being. Today I am a strong, confident, healthy woman who is living her truth and has the strength in body and mind to show up for whatever tomorrow brings.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with you! This is why I became a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

I love that moment when I show someone how to do the one thing they thought they could not do. All of their judgments and doubts suddenly fall away because they prove to themselves that the voices in their heads that tell them they’ll never be healthy, fit, strong, flexible, pain-free, etc. have been spewing lies for a really long time.

Whether it’s starting a workout routine, finding balance from working out too much, doing pushups for the first time or adding stretches to alleviate pain, you likely have something that you wish were different or you wouldn’t be here.

I have learned a kinder way to live strong and healthy and I believe it is part of my life’s journey to share it with you.

If you would like to join me on this journey of living a healthy, kick-ass life, drop your email below and let’s get started.

Don’t know where to start? I am here to support you. Schedule your 20-minute consultation call now and be free!

A few more things about me…

  • Over the past 15 years, I simultaneously built a career in marketing and consulting, while developing my expertise as a fitness instructor and trainer. This is important because I want you to know that you don’t need to put your life on hold to live a fit, balanced, healthy life.
  • Despite completely believing I was not athletic, I completed two NYC marathons. In 2001 I had the honor of running alongside police and fire fighters after 9/11 and again in 2003. I finished around the same time as Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, and his entourage.
  • I graduated from American University and Boston University’s London program and earned my MBA from NYU. I studied Fitness & Physiology at American University and University of Connecticut; I am Certified through AFAA.

On the lighter side

  • I love to laugh, but I can’t deliver a joke.
  • If I had the talent, I’d be a rocker chick. Since I don’t, I dance around my living room to pop music and sing in the car with the windows down. (Judge if you will. )
  • I have a busy ADD mind, which is great for creative thinking, but exhausting when I want to pick out an outfit. Thank G-d for my sister who can cut through the noise and help me find clarity. (By the way, this has a lot to do with why my workout routines are continuously changing. I love life so much more when I make my wiring work for me instead of trying to change who I am.)