A Different New Year’s Resolution for 2019

I will not let anyone, including myself, shame me into wanting to change my body because it's too big or too small, too firm or too flabby, too short or too tall, too wrinkly or too taut, to muscular or too round, too shapely or too straight.

I will remember to appreciate all my body does from climbing stairs to carrying groceries, without losing my breath.

I will not abuse my body with shoving food in that it can't digest or starving it from nutrients. I will nourish my body with foods that energize and savor every bite of my meals.

I will not take my emotions out on my body when I am angry, resentful, lonely, bored, or tired.

I will honor my body by moving and resting when it needs it.

Most of all, I will remember that I am more than my body. 

Happy New Year to my wonderful body that is there for me no matter what. This year I hope I can return the favor.

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