Happy 4TH of JULY: Declare Your Body Love

c1572c59821062c96d0fc33ad32a2983_L“It’s summertime. We have a day off to visit with family and friends. Eat, drink, swim outside. What could be better? While some of us can relax and enjoy the day, there are others who stress the day away.

What do I wear? How will I look in a bathing suit? How do I cover all my problem areas?

The time and energy we expend robs us of our fun. Even worse, comparing our body to others is degrading and futile.

Ironically, it’s our confidence that makes us appealing to people around us. That confidence can’t come from false arrogance. It comes from an acceptance and peace with who we are. We are worthy of a fun, beautiful day.

Holding on to this belief can help us stay in the activities of the day and away from analyzing “perfect bodies” and from disappearing at the buffet table.

So on this day of independence, enjoy your freedom from self-criticism and judgment. Time to celebrate ourselves and enjoy this day!

Arial is the Owner of GrooveAnywhere.com to help people get physically strong, while finding their inner calm. If you need help making fitness a natural part of your day, sign up for Your FREE 7 Day Kickstart.

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