Are You a Mother or a Martyr?

Are you making Mom proud? If you’re not taking care of yourself, she may have something to say about that.

Even on Mother’s Day, our most devoted caretakers prioritize everyone else’s needs.Mother's

If you’re not a “mother” by the traditional sense, recognize that mothering is what we not only do for those around us, but most importantly, what we do for ourselves.

Not sure if you’re a Mother or a Martyr? Take the quiz:

  1. Have you taken at least 10 minutes today to Do Nothing?
  2. Have you moved your body today in a way that makes you feel excited and alive? Have you danced or lifted weights or swam or walked?
  3. Have you followed your own intuition, without swaying to the influencers around you?
  4. Have you nourished your body with foods that bring you life and energy?
  5. Have you laughed today?

If you answered NO to any of the above, that changes now. You are invited to feel good and honor yourself this very moment.

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Happy Mother’s Day!



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