4d8c9898b5bb88437f053c8b957f47f3_LHow honest are you? Are you doing your workouts? Are you eating foods and amounts that help or hurt your body? Are you sleeping well?

Lately, I’ve been asking myself these same questions. I exercise and I eat healthy, but to be honest, I still find myself critiquing my womanly curves and thinking I need to lose some weight. It’s tempting to say “Let’s get on a 3 month day plan and we’ll be skinny and fit and everything will be perfect in 90 days.” But I know better.

Yes, it normally takes three months to make changes in our bodies, but I really don’t want to focus too much on that and I’ll tell you why. For me, when there’s a looming end date (a diet goal date, a party, an event) I tend to under eat and over train to make this artificial deadline, which could easily set me up to overeat on day 91. On the other hand, I could get so hyper-focused on wanting to change my food and exercise in order to have “success” by this date that I feel paralyzed and do anything, which then leads to eating too much and not working out and only feeling like a failure. This is why a timeline needs to stay on the back burner and not be my focus. Instead of planning 90 days out, I need to plan 90 seconds from now. What will today look like? What is my food plan, today? What exercise will I do, today? And once I have a plan, can today be more than just about my body?

Today I’d like to appreciate the good people in my life and say thank you. Today I can call one friend and listen with energy. Today I can check in with myself and acknowledge how I genuinely feel in that moment without trying to brush it off or eat it away. Today I can breathe deeply for 10 seconds when I feel indecisive or overwhelmed.

If I can focus on TODAY, I wonder how I will feel when I crawl into bed tonight. At ease. That’s how I feel when I take actions that help me and then let go of results. What is your plan for today?

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