Redefine Your 2016 Resolution

This time of year, you may feel bombarded with emails, magazine ads, tweets, and posts telling you to resolve to lose weight and get in shape…fast! Forget the old you, it’s a new year and time for a new you! Make a big promise and tell the world that you’ll be weighing yourself incessantly.

If New Year’s resolutions work so well, they wouldn’t make an annual appearance. And yet, people continue to announce big lofty goals, usually resulting in sad frustration by March.anti resolution cross

If promises are made with such good intentions, why do they fall apart? Well, making resolutions is like designing the roof of a house without ever laying the foundation.

Declaring a wish with no plan of action ensures disappointment, not success.

Focusing on a result with little attention on the process sets you up to break promises to yourself, which only makes it harder to trust yourself down the road.

With so much attention on future results, you lose your present. Action is the PROCESS of DOING something. The act of doing gives you energy and joy and makes you feel alive. Monitoring a scale does not!

Also, resolutions are typically general in nature and mammoth in size. This recipe completely discounts the steps and effort it takes to change a behavior and create a new habit.

No wonder these empty promises go nowhere and leave you feeling defeated and discouraged.

So what’s the alternative? How can you improve your physical health while keeping your emotional wellbeing intact? What you can do to feel empowered and absolutely love your body every step of the way?

It’s simple: Flip your thinking!

This year, make the process your resolution. Focus on making one small change to your daily routine. Even the smallest change made on a daily basis can build your confidence, proving to yourself that you can keep your own promises. With each small action, you continue to move closer toward achieving your goals. But most importantly, you get to live a healthier, more peaceful life TODAY.

For today, eat an apple with your breakfast. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Want to workout on a regular basis? Start Here:

  1. Set out your workout clothes and fill your water bottle the night before.
  2. Sign up for my special FREE 7 Day Kickstart to get an exercise emailed to you each day.
  3. Work on completing items 1 & 2. Let go of results including scales and tape measures. You may be surprised how well your body responds when you let go of frantic expectations and allow natural shifts to happen.
  4. Be nice to yourself. Somehow you got the message that berating yourself would bring you a better body and happiness. Actually, being nasty and judgmental to yourself lowers your self esteem and self worth. You are much more likely to honor yourself with self-care behaviors if you speak kindly and show yourself unconditional love. That means no matter what you eat or how much or little you work out, you still love you!
  5. Need support along the way? Schedule a 20 minute Freedom Call and let me help you find a custom path that works for you.

When you focus on taking one small step each day, you relieve your mind of the overwhelming tasks that sometimes seem so far out of reach and instead allow yourself to focus on the positive actions that bring you closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

Make 2016 the year to focus on making small changes TODAY. Trust me, big things happen, one workout at a time. Get started and sign up for your FREE 7 Day Kickstart.

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All my love!



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